Goodbye to 110 Years of History: the Limón Bar Frequented By A President and Witness of A Famous Crime

It was a place frequented by a president and witness of a famous crime. The Limón bar, on Avenida 7 de San José collected more than 110 years of history until, this week, it was reduced to rubble.
The Limon Bar before being demolished. Foto: Gesline Anrango
Since June 25, a group of workers has demolished the old structure that was once owned by the Spaniard Juan Horacio Puertas Amieva, who turned the business into a distinguished point of the capital. It was located near the Heredia by Tibás bus stop, on the north side of downtown San Jose.
The Limón bar was the scenario to one of the most infamous crimes in the history of Costa Rica: the murder of Dr. Ricardo Moreno Cañas.
That’s what the Limón

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