Giving Back to Kids in Need in Costa Rica

By Isabella Foster Villanueva

Helping Hands Child.  Illustration on blue background for design

There is an amazing group home for kids in Costa Rica that could use your help. It’s a temporary home for kids in the legal process of figuring out safe guardianship or adoptions. The kids I’ve met there while volunteering are so happy for every single thing. Things as small as a piece of paper to have all to themselves or an empty container to create a collection of leaves in makes them smile. There are, however, some things they could use donated. Shoes, a computer of some sort and a DVD player are top on the list of what they would like. Many other ideas are also listed below.

While they have a ton of support and love, they are missing some things we consider basic in most homes, such as shoes in acceptable condition. They are often wearing the wrong size shoes or ones with giant holes in them. Below I will list the needed sizes for the kids as well as the ladies who live there and take such great care of them.

They could also use some items like a computer, laptop, tablet, DVD or CD player…anything that can help us teach them new skills as they quickly … continue reading

Via:: Costa Rican Times