Ghost Hunting; The Phantom of Notorious B.I.G.

By Paul Dale Roberts

biggie smalls death 2

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Before Shannon gets off the phone, she asks if I could call a potential client named Leon from Brooklyn. Since I have a good 30 minute drive home, it will break the monotony of driving and listening to a good paranormal story, so I call Leon.
This is basically how the call went down, words to this effect:

Paul: “Hello Leon, this is Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager – Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International, how can I help you?”
Leon: “Doin’ fine, hey I have a situation.”
Paul: “Yes?”
Leon: “A few of my homies got together and we were messin’ with an Ouija Board. Do you know anything about these boards?”
Paul: “Yes, it is a dangerous tool to summon entities from other realms. If you do not know how to utilize an Ouija Board properly, you may place yourself in a dire situation. You may even open up a portal and bring in unwanted entities.”
Leon: “Well, I don’t know all about that, but I do know is that we got the name of Biggie on the board and I think it was Biggie Smalls that contacted us.”
Paul: “Biggie Smalls the rapper? What … continue reading

Via:: Costa Rican Times


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