Funding the Electrical Train in Costa Rica

By Hazel Diaz

electrical train costa rica

Costa Rica News –The Government is negotiating with deputies for a reform to the bill related to the strengthening of Incofer, in order to finance the electrical train coming our way with an increase in tolls.

That way, all vehicle owners who now pay ¢75 on the Cartago-Alajuela road, or ¢150 in the Limon-San Ramon road, would now have to pay ¢300, ¢225 of which would go to Incofer.

It’s still not much, but percentage wise that’s a big jump.

Presidency Vice-Minister, Luis Paulino Mora, said this is the most viable option to provide the entity with funds, and to set a defined electrical train project in motion.

Meanwhile deputies are in outcry over the Government’s strategy for the project, with mixed reactions from deputies of all parties, with some for and some against it. Somehow funding must be made for this important project.

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Via:: Costa Rican Times