Four Helicopters Will Reinforce Aerial Surveillance Work in Costa Rica

The United States government has shown its commitment to continue supporting Costa Rican security with the donation of four UH-1ST helicopters to the Dirección del Servicio de Vigilancia Aérea (SVA) – Air Surveillance Service, of the Ministry of Public Security (MSP).
Base 2 Juan Santamaría Airport. Photo courtesy Presidencia
The new helicopters will increase the capacity of the SVA to provide air support in maritime and air interdictions, as well as in emergency care, since the UH-IST can operate in mountainous terrain and variable weather conditions, essential characteristics for the diverse geography of the country.
With these aircraft, the SVA will be able to cover more territory and respond more quickly in security operations, preventive patrols and humanitarian assistance. Also, they will increase the capacity to transfer personnel,

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