Former Romanian Minister Sentenced For Bribery Takes Refuge in Costa Rica

Elena Udrea, the Romanian tourism minister sentenced to six years in prison for abuse of power and bribery in her country, has been in Costa Rica since last February 7 and claims to have received political refuge, Romanian media reported.
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Costa Rica’sDirección de Migración y Extranjería (immigration service) confirmed this Saturday that Udrea entered on February 7 of this year, without registering any exit. However, the authority did not confirm the Romanian’s immigration status.
Udrea is in the middle of a trial, after the appeal of his sentence before the High Court of Cassation and Justice of Romania.
From Foto: Inquam Photos/Liviu Florin Albei
On Friday, Udrea’s lawyer told Romanian authorities that Udrea received political refugee status in Costa Rica, although that version was dismissed by the

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