Former Miss Costa Rica Alleges Oscar Arias Touched Her Breasts & Kissed Her

Yazmín Morales, former Miss Costa Rica, reveals that Óscar Arias, former president and Nobel Prize winner, touched her breasts and kissed her against her will, something that appears to have been his normal behavior. Many are now denouncing him.

The problem in the past was the girls would remain silent, fearing the repercussions of going through the legal process. They also feared no one would believe them, something we are dealing with better these days but still have a way to go.

Morales Camacho, 48, decided to present the case against him following the rape complaint filed on Monday by Alexandra Arce von Herold before the Deputy Prosecutor for Gender. Morales says “we have made a lot of progress in raising our voices.”

After four years of

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