For Mexicans, the Donald Trump candidacy is getting scarier

By David Boddiger

MEXICO CITY — If Donald Trump were president, he would have Mexico pay to build a wall along its 2,000-mile border to keep itself out.

He’d block the billions of dollars that Mexicans illegally in the United States send home to their families. And prevent their children born in the U.S. from automatically becoming U.S. citizens.

There wouldn’t be many of these children, however, because Trump would be deporting millions of undocumented Mexicans — all of them, if he had his way.

How does that sound, Mexico?

“We don’t know if we should laugh or if we should cry,” said Guadalupe Loaeza, a prominent Mexican columnist. “We think he’s really a nightmare.”

The longer he floats atop the polls, the more Donald Trump has started to make people here feel a bit queasy, forcing them to contemplate whether his candidacy is really something they need to worry about. As Trump published his immigration proposals this week, Mexicans expressed growing concern about his bid for the Republican nomination.

“What he says makes me laugh, but it’s a nervous laughter,” said Gustavo Vega Canovas, a professor at the international studies center of the prestigious College of Mexico. “His comments sound to me like Germany … continue reading

Via:: Tico Times


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