Fleeing violence, Nicaraguans seek safety in Costa Rica

(UNHCR) The thin, bespectacled medical student acted as a paramedic in street protests in Nicaragua until gun-toting paramilitaries detained him last month.
Asylum-seekers from Nicaragua wait to file their applications at the immigration office in San Jose. UNHCR/Roberto Carlos Sanchez
“They beat me, they put a towel on my face and poured water on me until I felt like I was drowning,” says the student, who goes by the name of ‘Lobo,’ or ‘Wolf’ in Spanish, a tag he gained in the demonstrations.
“There was lots of psychological abuse too.”
Nicaragua’s current political crisis began April 18 with protests in the capital Managua to oppose planned cuts to pensions and social security by the government of President Daniel Ortega.
Jorn Henrry Bermudez, 28, and his 19-year-old partner Ana Kathiushka Castro,

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