First Outbreak of Bovine Rabies Of The Year

The Servicio Nacional de Salud Animal (Senasa) – National Animal Health Service – says it has detected the first bovine paralytic rabies outbreak of the year.
The finding was made in Canoas de Corredores, in the Southern Zone. Specifically in the Guayabal farm, where five cattle died due to the disease.

The affected farm has an exposed population of 40 animals. Senasa established sanitary and quarantine measures on the affected farm. In addition, the Senasa has begun the capturing of vampire-bats to lower the existing population of this flying mammal, which transmits rabies.
“The vampire bat being the main vector for the transmission of this disease,” said Federico Chaverri, director of the Directorate of Operations of Senasa.
Authorities are carrying out an epidemiological investigation on the farm where the

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