Finding paradise: Texan Shares Tales From Trip To Costa Rica

A scarlet macaw was among the flora and fauna that Dr. Robert Burke saw during his trip to Costa Rica
Q TRAVEL by – The sounds of the rainforest awaken me without fail. No need for an alarm clock here. Often, it is a howler monkey roar, like the refrain of a rondo, interspersed with various bird and insect calls. In the dark, at 4:30 a.m., the howler’s roar can stand my hair on end.
Suddenly the high pitched, unrelenting drone of cicadas is followed by the beautiful chirps of the bright-rumped attila or the repetitive sounds of the laughing falcon. At times it is an annoying cacophony of sounds, while at times it is melodious.

Dr. Robert Burke plants a “garlic tree” in the rainforest during a

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