Facebook Sued After Terrorist Killing

World News – Micah Lakin Avni believes Facebook shares responsibility for his dad’s death at the hands of Palestinian militants and so is suing the social media behemoth for $1 billion.
Avni’s father, 76-year-old retired Connecticut school principal Richard Lakin, died two weeks after being stabbed and shot on a Jerusalem bus on October 13.
“While [dad] was unconscious in hospital I was wondering how did this happen, why is there so much terror going on in the world and how is it that a 20-year-old shoots an old man in the head,” Avni told NBC News.
Avni discovered that one of the attackers had posted that he wanted to become “a martyr” and to “kill Jews” on Facebook just days before the shooting.
It didn’t stop there.
“A day after

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