Exploring the Supernatural; The Ghost of Rattlesnake Dick Barter

By Paul Dale Roberts

Rattlesnake Dick Barter

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Rattlesnake Dick Barter was a notorious highway man in Gold Country, California. Dick Barter in 1850 met up with the Mexican Robin Hood aka the Robin Hood of El Dorado. Yes, he met up with the notorious Joaquin Murrieta Carrillo. Many people do not realize, but Joaquin was the inspiration for Zorro. Joaquin on a few occasions teamed up with Three Finger Jack. Joaquin lost his head and Three Finger Jack lost his hand with the 3 fingers. For a while, both the head and the hand were on display for all of the townsfolk to gape at.

Rattlesnake Dick Barter also met up with Black Bart aka Charles Earl Bowles, the Gentleman Bandit. Dick and Black Bart robbed a stage coach together in Placer County. When the Wells Fargo Road Agents got wind of this, they sought harder to find Black Bart the Poet. They eventually found Black Bart. Black Bart found himself doing time in San Quentin Prison. Dick Barter was still a free man. Dick was busy taking off the gold transport off stage coaches. Not only was he upsetting the Wells Fargo Road Agents, but he also caught the eye of the … continue reading

Via:: Costa Rican Times