Exceptional Wlection in Mexico Right? Left? Old? New? Who Knows?

Mexico’s July 1 presidential elections appear to be the hottest of this century. Outgoing president, Enrique Peña Nieto, is the least popular on record, violence has reached a new peak, and the future of Nafta – a linchpin of the economy since 1994 — is in doubt, while many Mexicans are concerned about widespread corruption.
None of the three main presidential candidates has been elected by his respective party.
Leading in opinion polls is Andres Manuel López Obrador, 64, of the National Regeneration Movement – Morena.
This is Lopez’s third presidential campaign, and the first in which he is running for Morena, a party which he created.
López is referred to as a leftist, who would increase state power, but also as an old-school Mexican nationalist, who supports private

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