Evolution and the Religious Mind

By Martin LeFevre

A local Lutheran church, which is considered one of the more progressive faiths in this town and country, has an astounding declaration on its home page.

“We believe that Genesis chapters one and two are factual accounts of creation and we therefore reject the false teaching of evolution which has no scientific basis, but is simply another of Satan’s schemes to lead people away from the truth.”

God help us. “The false teaching of evolution…is simply another of Satan’s schemes to lead people away from the truth?” Why do people believe such rubbish, or for that matter in the literal truth of Genesis? What motivates such intractable ignorance?

It behooves thinking people to try to understand the distorted thinking of their self-declared enemies. First because this kind of stuff is dangerous in a supposedly developed society; and second because such beliefs have nothing to do with spiritual life and what Jesus taught.

Creationism would have been stupid five years after Darwin wrote “On the Origin of Species.” In our time of tremendous scientific discovery, it’s beyond the pale.

Polls show that only 4 in 10 Americans “believe in evolution.” Even the phrase “believe in evolution” shows the inanity of the debate in this country. It’s … continue reading

Via:: Costa Rican Times