Eruptions Undermine Wall That Surrounded Poás Volcano Crater

The Poas Volcano crater this morning, the ‘domo’ (volcanic dome) or wall completely destroyed after Sunday’s eruptions
If you, like many, have visited the Poas volcano crater in the last several decades, the image in your brain and constantly seen in photos, is no longer, after two ‘violent’ eruptions Sunday that completely destroyed the ‘volcanic dome‘.
The photo by the RSN shows the change.
The “domo” in Spanish, a wall 30 meters above the level of the Poas’ lagoon, formed in 1953 and could be seen from the lookout point to the volcano’s active crater, disappeared due to the eruptions of the last several days, confirmed the Red Sismológica Nacional (RSN) – National Seismological Network – of the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR).
The eruptions that intensified since Wednesday’s

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