Emblematic Costa Rican band Cantoamérica is 'Flying again'

By Amanda Zuniga

Cantoamérica, which is Calypsonian or “Caribbean Fusion,” as they describe themselves, will blow out 35 candles this year. Instead if cekebrating it with a birthday cake, they are releasing a new album named “Vuela Otra Vez” (“Fly again“) eight years after their last release, “Vientos del Caribe.”

The Tico Times talked to three of the nine members of the group: singer, guitarrist and songwriter Manuel Monestel, who has been part of the band since the start; trombonist Alfredo Chavarría, who joined the band in 2008; and percussionist José (Momo) Valverde, who joined in 2001.

TT: As you, Manuel, have been part of the band sice it was created, where did the idea of Cantoamérica came from?

MM: In the 1970s there was a musical movement called “The new Costa Rican song,” part of a larger, regional movement of Latin American identity, which tried to balance U.S. influence on Latin American music. We played Latin American music using Latin American instruments. I was playing with a group called “Tayacan,” directed by the great Nicaraguan musician Luis Enrique Mejía Godoy, who after a while went back to Nicaragua because of the Sandinista Revolution at that time.

After he left, the group came to an end, but some of us wanted to continue. That … continue reading

Via:: Tico Times