El Salvador prison gang violence kills 14

By Robin Kazmier

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador — At least 14 inmates were killed in an El Salvador jail Saturday when violence erupted between two factions of a notorious gang, an official said.

The killings at Quezaltepeque prison, about 30 kilometers (20 miles) north of the capital San Salvador, were linked to an internal dispute involving the feared Barrio 18 gang, a spokesman for the presidency told AFP.

The prison was placed on lockdown and security ramped up, as about 50 people with relatives in the jail descended on the facility, some weeping and others demanding to know the identities of the dead. A state of emergency was declared for 72 hours at the jail and authorities insisted that they were in full control of the situation.

Prison officials were alerted when some members of the “Revolutionaries” faction of the gang failed to return to their cells, said Eugenio Chicas, the communications secretary for the presidency. Security agents and riot police found their bodies among some garbage bins, added Chicas, labeling it “a purge.”

“There has been an internal confrontation,” said Chicas.

The Directorate General of Prisons, on Twitter, said it was “presumed to be an act of purification among gang members.”

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Via:: Tico Times