Easter Tradition in Costa Rica; Crocodile Hunting (VIDEO)

Costa Rica News – While many in the world are trying to find Easter Eggs, in Costa Rica they are searching for crocodiles.
Easter celebrations in Ortega, Costa Rica are a little unusual. Instead of hunting for Easter eggs, villagers capture crocodiles in a centuries-old tradition.
Using only sticks, a group of men called the ‘Lagarteros de Ortega’, or Lizard men of Ortega, gather in the local river every Good Friday to surround a crocodile and lure it into a net.
Once captured, the crocodile becomes the village’s guest during its festival. The next day, it is released back into the water.
It’s a passion that gets inside of you, like when you ride a bull, and it’s the adrenaline that gets inside of you,” Crocodile hunter Carlos Alberto

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