Drone Provides A Look Inside Turrialba’s Active Crater

Q COSTA RICA – Photographs taken by a drone, some 300 meters over the active crater of the Turrialba volcano, allowed volcanologists for the first time look inside the colossus.
What was learned is that the active crater’s inner walls exhibit slopes that exceed 55 degrees of inclination and the mouth of the volcano is 126 meters ( 413 feet) deep. To put that in perspective, it is 1.5 times the Banco Nacional building in San Jose (which measures 83 meters high).
The crater measures 69,000 square meters ( 742,000 square feet), for example, covers an area a little larger than the National Stadium.
Not only that, at the bottom, there is an internal crater from where volcanic materials such as ash, pyroclasts (fragments of magma) and gases

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