Driver involved in fatal crash in Cartago got his license the day before

Rico’s TICO BULL – One day after having obtained his driver’s license, the 24-year-old identified by his last name Loria, was involved in a fatal crash early Friday, at the entrance to El Pilar neighborhood, in La Union de Cartago, on the Florencio del Castillo highway.
It wasn’t hours after the fatal crash that road was cleared
Loria was driving the SUV that collided with a motorcycle, killing instantly Juan Antonio Rodríguez Mairena.
Though fatal accidents are an almost daily occurrence on Costa Rica’s roads, what makes this noteworthy is that Loria was under the influence of alcohol while behind the wheel of his SUV. Unfortunately, also almost a daily occurrence.
In my opinion, the most dangerous times to be on Costa Rica’s roads are between 2 am (when

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