Don’t Be A Victim Of Thieves “Stalking” Tourists On Buses To Steal Their Suitcases

Falling asleep, unaware of their surroundings or distracted, tourists traveling on buses that cover tourist routes across the country are targeted by criminal groups whose sole purpose is the theft of suitcases.
OIJ screenshot of thieves working a tourism bus
These criminals do not discriminate. For them, the bags of nationals or foreigners is the same. Their objectives are clear about what they want and how they achieve it.
The routes to/from Puntarenas, Guanacaste, Limón and La Fortuna are prime. The strikes are planned. They select the buses and schedules full of tourists – national or foreign, though the bags of foreigners are favored – and come up with a strategy that includes tracking the bus, pre-select victims at the stations or stops along the way.
The Organismo de

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