Donald Trump's history of flippant misogyny becomes part of his brand

By Jill Replogle

For decades, Donald Trump has made flippant misogyny as much a part of his trademark as his ostentatious lifestyle.

Now, the former reality-television host and current front-runner in the polls for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination may be paying a price for a boorish barb that also renewed his party’s internal consternation over its recent history of alienating women voters.

What did it was not what he said — which was in keeping with his earlier comments — but directing it a highly regarded Fox News Channel anchor who is popular with the Republican faithful.

Trump was disinvited to speak at Saturday’s RedState Gathering of conservative activists in Atlanta after the celebrity real estate mogul seemed to hint that Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle drove her to ask him tough questions at Thursday night’s Republican debate in Cleveland.

“I think there is a line of decency that even a nonprofessional politician can cross. Suggesting that a female journalist asking you a hostile question is hormone-related, I think, is one of those lines,” conference organizer Erick Erickson said in an interview.

Yet Trump has a history of similar inflammatory statements about women — both as a sex, and with reference to his antagonists and subordinates.

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Via:: Tico Times


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