Doctor and Businessman Found Guilty of Trafficking of Organs and Illegal Transplants

A doctor and a pizzeria owner were found guilty and sentenced on Monday for the trafficking of human organs and illegal transplants.
San Jose criminal court Judge Lorena Blanco reading the sentence Monday afternoon. Photo Albert Marín, La Nacion
The two targeted poor people to sell their kidneys for transplants to foreigners, mainly Isreali nationals.
The Tribunal Penal del Primer Circuito Judicial de San José (San Jose Criminal Court) found businessman, Dimostenes Katsigiannis, who ran a pizzeria in the area of the Calderon Guardia hospital, was sentenced to eight years in prison.
The Costa Rican doctor, Francisco Mora Palma, 68, was found guilty of conducting illegal transplants, was sentenced to 12 years in prison.
Meanwhile, doctors Maximiliano Mauro Stamati, Fabián Fonseca Guzmán and Víctor Hugo Monge Monge were acquitted by granting

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