Cuba will experiment again with artificial rain due to severe drought

By Q24N


Q24N- Cuba will begin a new campaign that will last two months to artificially increase rain in zones affected by the prolonged drought across the country, confirmed the local press. The project aims to stimulate rainfall over the area of ​​the Cauto River Basin, located in the east part of the country, in order to increase its water levels and flow to the dams associated.

With 242 reservoirs only reaching – on average – 36 percent of their total capacity and 25 dry or at the “point of death”, Cuba had no choice but to asume urgent measures. It is now available a Russian Yak -40, equipped with technology that will enable “cloud seeding” in the east part of the country. If necessary conditions are met, tests will also be performed on large areas of Camagüey, also seriously affected by the drought.

The airplane will fly above the clouds, dropping rounds of silver iodide in small concentrations. Such chemical reactive helps to freeze water droplets that remain liquid within the cloud. The cloud acquires more energy by releasing latent heat, grows in height and length, and produces most rain.

The first studies for this purpose began in 1978 on the … continue reading



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