‘Craziness’ Detonates Tragedies On The Road

Up to Wednesday, August 22, 32 people lost their lives in traffic accidents, more than one death per day this month. And so far this year, the number of fatalities exceeds 288 people, in on third of the cases, the deceased were between 10 and 40 years old.
Speeding and alcohol at the wheel, and mental situations, such as lack of concern for what may happen are the principal causes of traffic fatalities. Photo: Andrés Garita
These numbers do not include deaths at the scene and not those in transit to or in hospital.
The figures are alarming to Transport authorities, in particular the director of the Policia de Transito (Traffic Polic), German Marin, who considers drivers are taking lightly the responsibility behind the wheel.
According to Marín, the

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  1. I see Transitos most days on the road. They are hiding in the bushes or have cones out where traffic is already hindered. They are usually equipped with a flat bed for hauling off the motorcycles they steal. They steal motorcycles because there is no more room for the cars they steal. When a Transito gets you, his first words are a threat to steal your license plates. Rental car companies have signs in their offices warning that Transitos steal license plates.

    Many years have passed since I have seen a radar trap, & Transitos are NEVER patrolling the roads. Ticos are well-aware they that can ignore traffic laws, & so they do. It is high time that Transitos work to make our roads safe. Costa Rica has other police agencies to collect money to reduce the country’s debt.

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