Court Gets Tough On Judges Reprimanded in Cementazo Scandal

With 19 of 22 votes, the Full Court decided to suspend for two months without salary the four judges of the Supreme Court reprimanded last Wednesday for their involvement in the Chinese cement scandal case known as “el cementazo”.
“The reason for the review was because it was determined that a final act had not been issued because the minimum vote required was not obtained, either to suspend or reprimand, according to Article 182 of the Organic Law of the Judiciary,” said a statement by the Court issured Monday afternoon.
Those four judges are Doris Arias Madrigal, Jesús Ramírez, María Elena Gómez and the Supreme Court’s president, Carlos Chinchilla, who announced his early retirement Monday morning.

The high court judges are bieng punished for a “serious offense” in

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  1. I tried hard to ignore this headline & move on—BUT I JUST CANNOT. How can you actually publish: Court Gets Tough On Judges Reprimanded in Cementazo Scandal; when all that happened is that one of the criminal judges will now get full pay & benefits (along with her family), but now does not have to bother going to work. Is this really your definition of GETTING TOUGH.

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