Could Costa Rica’s New Pro-LGBT President Represent a Change Throughout Latin America?

In its report dated April 15, 2018, the’s by Matt Baume sees the election of Carlos Alvarado as fantastic news of the former cabinet minister (and novelist!) easily defeating rival Fabricio Alvardo, “a virulently anti-queer pastor who opposed the freedom to marry,” in the run-off election.
Carlos Alvarado, Costa Rica’s newly elected president will take office on May 8,2018. Foto: Luis Madrigal / El Mundo CR
Carlos promised the international ruling (on same-sex marriage) would stand. And now, with him due to be sworn in as the country’s new president in May, Costa Rica’s LGBTQ population can rest easy with an ally at the helm of the country.
During the campaign, Fabricio said marriage equality violated national values and that Costa Rica should isolate itself from its neighbors

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