Costa Rica’s Most Amusing Incidents

By Richard Philps

QCOSTARICA BLOGS – I’m sure that most of you believe that lawyers don’t have much of a sense of humour. In this article, I hope to prove you wrong, at least in my case.

Over the seventeen years that I have lived in Costa Rica, I have witnessed a varying array of amusing incidents, as one would expect to be the case in any country over a period of time. However, there are three such incidents that standout in my mind, above all others.

I believe I have them in the correct chronological order with the following:

Maria Milagra: Maria Milagra was a cow rustled from a finca in Heredia and stuffed into the back seat of small Toyota-size typical red taxi. The rustling took place on a Saturday night and the thieves were caught with the cow still in the back seat of the taxi, with its head hanging out one of the side windows, in a pose reminiscent of anyone … continue reading