Costa Rica’s ICE Shows Again That Quality Internet Service Is Not Important

By Isabella Foster Villanueva

IXP costa rica internet 1

Costa Rica News – The Costa Rican government’s electricity and telecommunication services provider, known as ICE, has chosen not to work with Internet providers in an agreement that would enhance the internet experience for the country’s users.

An IXP is a free platform that allows Internet traffic to travel directly between networks, as opposed to going through third party networks.

A collaboration with ICE would result in a faster and less expensive Internet connection.

Francia Picado of ICE expressed concerns against using the IXP as well as reasons why it is unnecessary.

ICE is capable of performing without the IXP and collaboration would not be beneficial for the company.

Many individuals in the business of Internet have expressed that it would be advantageous but, despite previous efforts to persuade ICE, the company decision remains firm against the use of the IXP.

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Via:: Costa Rican Times


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