Costa Rica’s Fire Fighters in Action (Photos)

By Rico


QCOSTARICA – It was minutes after 8:00am Thursday when the alarm was called, the second floor of a downtown building, above the Paragüería Rego (umbrella store) on Avenida 4, was on fire.

On the second floor, a few metres (yeards) from a cuarteria (illegal rooming house where 50 people sleep, is the umbrellas are manfuactured and repaired.

The quick response by the Cuerop de Bomberos (Fire Department) brought the fire under control and though the factory was destroyed, no injuries were reported.

“There were easily combustible materials such as textiles, which caused the fire to spread rapidly, resulting in a fierce fire,” said Luis Salas, head of operations for the Cuerpo de Bomberos.

“The neighboring shops were only affected by water damage or heat radiation, “added said Salas.

The chief stressed that they found it difficult to control the flames because the business had many bars and that complicated the firefighters entry. “We had to force our way in and that delayed the process to extinguish the fire, ” he said.

In total some 500 square metres (5,400 square feet) of space was destroyed by the fire.