Costa Rica’s Dance Of The Little Mare

Costa Rica Events – On December 12th of every year, a centuries-old folkloric celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe and la Yegüita (the Little Mare) takes place in Nicoya, Guanacaste.
This festival marks the culmination of a long, complex, and highly structured community effort, supervised by a religious brotherhood, la Cofradía de Nuestra Señorita La Virgen de Guadalupe.
La Yegüita comes from a Chorotega Indian legend about twin brothers. On December 12th in 1653, the brothers were celebrating the Virgin of Guadalupe and had consumed an ample amount of chicha (corn beer). Both brothers were in love with the same woman, Nantiume. They began to fight over her with machetes. Terrified neighbors implored the Virgin to intervene and save them. Suddenly, a small black mare came out of

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