Costa Rica’s capital to run earthquake drill Thursday

By L. Arias

At 10 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 3, emergency sirens, text messages and highway alerts on electronic billboards will report that a magnitude-6.5 earthquake just shook Costa Rica’s capital, San José. As part of the drill, nearly 60,000 people in over 90 buildings downtown will be evacuated.

This will be the country’s first “Massive Earthquake Evacuation Drill.” Its main goal is to allow emergency response agencies, public offices and businesses in the area to evaluate the effectiveness of emergency response plans, evacuation routes and gathering points during an emergency.

“Evacuees” will be taken to safe sites in parking lots, on sidewalks and in parks. Some streets will be temporarily closed during the drill to allow evacuees to reach designated gathering areas.

The emergency drill, called “Mi ciudad se prepara” (My City Prepares), is organized by San Jose’s Municipal Emergency Committee and the Network of Emergency Committees at workplaces. The National Emergency Commission (CNE) will be the top coordinatating agency.

Private companies, communities and some government agencies engage in similar exercises periodically, but this will be the first massive evacuation drill in such a large area, CNE President Iván Brenes Reyes said. Buildings in four districts … continue reading

Via:: Tico Times