Costa Ricans Buying More Premium Cars & SUVs

Costa Rica News – Premium cars, including sedans and SUVs, account for 15% of sales revenue this year.
This premium category grew this year. Maserati and Jaguar are brands known for sporty luxury and performance.
The Maserati Levante and Jaguar F-Pace have sold 35 and 40 units in Costa Rica, respectively, so far this year. Of the 50 Maseratis sold this year, 35 were the Levante SUV.
There is a definite shift from sports cars to high-end SUVs. Pioneers Audi and BMW are taking advantage of the higher demand. Audi sold 167, with four models available this year and BMW sold 426, with five SUV options.
Volvo is another brand gaining recognition. It has been marketing SUVs in the country since 2004 and has come to be known for its

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