Costa Rican Women Loving the New Sexy Firefighter Calendar

By Hazel Diaz

costa rica firefighter calendar

Costa Rica News – The sun was not the only source of heat people felt on Sunday as they attended the celebration marking the 150th anniversary of the Fire Department of Costa Rica.

The party was held in the parking lot of Paseo de la Flores in Heredia.

Onlookers enjoyed a dance performance to Reggaeton music by the well-sculpted firefighters. The audience cheered encouragingly and many recorded the performance on their cell phones.

In case you missed this epic performance, the Fire Department is selling calendars featuring the strong and handsome men of the department for 5,000 colones.

The proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Hospital.

You have the chance to enjoy each month of 2016 with a calendar full of attractive firefighters and support the hospital through your purchase of it, so what are you waiting for? Get your calendar today!

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Via:: Costa Rican Times


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