Costa Rican president presents draft decree to legalize in vitro fertilization

By Zach Dyer

President Luis Guillermo Solís presented draft language Thursday morning that would legalize in vitro fertilization 15 years after the procedure was banned in Costa Rica by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court. The draft decree comes three years after the Inter-American Court of Human Rights — based in San José — ruled that the ban violated the human rights of infertile couples trying to conceive.

Costa Rica is the only country in the Western Hemisphere to ban the fertility procedure.

The draft decree will be presented to the Costa Rican Doctors and Surgeons Association and the Social Security System for review. President Solís framed his decision to present the draft within the bounds of Costa Rica’s dependency on international legal and arbitration bodies for its national security.

“Costa Rica is a country that defends human rights,” Solís told reporters during a news conference Thursday morning. “Costa Rica cannot stand more condemnations for human rights issues.”

“This will return us to the highest human rights standards,” he said.

The draft decree — which has yet to be signed — would limit the number of fertilized eggs that could be used per cycle to two. The Social Security System, known as the Caja, would administer the procedure … continue reading

Via:: Tico Times