Costa Rican Norman Elizondo in Musical in Mexico

Csota Rica Entertainment – Costa Rican Norman Elizondo is participating in a musical called “Cleopatra metió la pata” which is to be released in 22 days in Mexico.
The actor plays the character Tutancabrón. He is also part of the ensemble that sings and dances.
The work comically portrays how armies of other empires want to invade Cleopatra’s kingdom and those incharge of protection don’t know what to do so Cleopatra takes control of the situation.
The work will travel throughout Mexico and hopefully also to Atlanta and Los Angeles, USA, in 2019.
Being invited to participate in “Cleopatra metió la pata” has been very valuable for Elizondo because it has given him the opportunity to share with renowned actors and learn from them.
Elizondo was planning to finish his training

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