Costa Rican No. 5 Million Could Be Named Angelina, Emma, Ronaldo or Keylor

The birth of Cost Rican number 5,000,000 is expected on September 1. And shedding away customs and traditions of distant years when Costa Rican parents would give their newborns up to five names, like José Macario de Jesús or Fermina Luisa de la Trinidad, the most likely names today is Angelina, Emma, Ronaldo or Keylor.
The evolution of modern society, where radio, film, television and, more recently, the Internet have brought people from all over the world in contact with each other, which opened up a huge range of options for parents naming their children.
That conclusion is based on an analysis of the evolution of names throughout the history of the country with a historical and cultural perspective and with the information provided by the Civil

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