Costa Rican Ingrid Solís Overcomes Weight Gain & Depression to Become Mrs Universe

Costa Rica Entertainment News – Costa Rican Ingrid Solís has conquered the crown and now holds the title Mrs. Universe. She wants to use her reign to promote a message of self-love.
The mother of three children recently lost 52 kilos.
After giving birth to her sons, she was 120 kilos. The weight led to a depression. While studying for her master’s in Mental Health and Psychiatry, she realized love was in herself and began to overcome her afflictions.
She’s undergone a healthy lifestyle change and now physical activity and good nutrition are central. She loves herself, accepts herself, and sees her worth in so much more than her looks, although she is gorgeous. She is determined, helpful, loving, sensitive, persevering and capable. Her inner strength shines.
This was Solís’

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