Costa Rican Activist Detained in Israel

A Costa Rican activist has been detained in Israel. Tatiana Gamboa Freer has been leading pro-defense movements for the rights of Palestinians since 2014 in Costa Rica. She stayed outside the Presidential House for 22 days in order to deliver the President a request for the Government to take a stand against “Israel’s attacks on Palestine.”

She entered Israel on a tourist visa that expired in April of last year. For her irregular migration status, she was arrested in Palestinian territories. She is in the Givhon Ramle detention center.

The Tica was warned by Costa Rican authorities to avoid conflict zones. Gamboa insists her detention is illegal. She says she hasn’t been given legal representation and is only spoken to in Hebrew.

The Costa Rican ambassador to

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  1. Every US President during my (long) lifetime has tried to get the Jews & Muslims to play nice together. I don’t think that will ever be possible as long as the Muslim position is that the Jews do not have a right to exist. How do you negotiate on that point?

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