Costa Rica Will Receive The Independece Torch On Nicaragua Soil Without Traditions Or Speeches

Independence Day is approaching. As is tradition, the ‘Antorcha de la Independencia’ (Independence Torch) each year makes its way from Guatemala to Costa Rica, ending its journey through Central America in Cartago on September 15.
Each year Costa Rica and Nicaragua alternate traditional ceremonies in the transfer of the Independence Torch. This year it is Nicaragua’s turn.
And as is tradition, on each Sept. 13 the torch will be passed on from students in Nicaragua to waiting students from Costa Rica. The celebrations are alternated, this year it’s Nicaragua’s turn.
But  this year. There will be no artistic participation of Costa Rican students on Nicaraguan soil.
This year, the Independence Torch will be received on the other side of the Peñas Blancas border with a “small and simple” act.

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