Costa Rica Universities Spending About 33% On Incentives for Employees

Costa Rica News – Nearly a third of the money spent by public universities goes to incentives for employees. The UCR and ITCR spend more on bonuses than on base salaries.
A professor from the University of Costa Rica gets a base salary of around ¢700,000 plus an added 3.75% for each year he works. There is a whole incentive ladder that recognizes antiquity and annuities.
The employee would get 30% more salary for “exclusive dedication” and up to another 30% for academic merit. Then there’s another 4% for each academic step taken and up to 39% if he or she needs to travel to another zone to teach.
ITCR has a similar system but with up to 56% for academic degrees. There, for every ¢1 allocated to a

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