Costa Rica TV spot competes in World Tourism Organization contest

By L. Arias

The singing sloths and sea turtles from the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT)’s TV spot are attracting not only tourists but also international recognition. The ad is a finalist in a first-ever international competition held by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

The “Save the Americans”/“Save the Canadians” spot is part of ICT’s ad campaign aimed at promoting Costa Rica as a holiday oasis and the ideal place to take a break from daily stress in these countries. Canada and the U.S. are two of the main sources of tourists to Costa Rica.

The spot was produced in Costa Rica and includes the participation of Tico vocal group Master Key, which performed the voices of a singing sloth, a bird, turtles, scarlet macaws and a howler monkey who invite overworked Americans and Canadians to come to Costa Rica.

Videos were submitted from 51 countries and the winner will be chosen by popular vote. The winner will be announced during the 21st General Assembly of the UNWTO to be held in Medellín, Colombia, Sept. 12-17.

The video already won a “Webby” for Best Online Film & Video in the “Travel & Adventure” category.

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Via:: Tico Times