Costa Rica Tourism “Window Washing ” Gets Award for the Advertisement of the Week

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sloth sweepstakes costa rica

Costa Rica News – It’s that time of year when Instagram feeds are filled with beach photos as everyone tries to squeeze in last-minute getaways before summer ends.

But what about those still stuck in the office? To catch the attention of bored employees staring out the window at work, the Costa Rica Tourism Board decided to have some fun with an outdoor and socially-driven campaign that encourages office workers to enter to win a trip to Costa Rica.

Voted by US Creative Department readers as Ad of the Week, agency 22squared took advantage of window washing platforms at a 13-story office building in Los Angeles last month by displaying teasers for the campaign that said things like ‘Attention Tenants: We will be washing the windows today. Watch for sloths’ and ‘Staring out the window during work isn’t productive. That will change tomorrow.’

It then unveiled outdoor creative with the message ‘Cubicle. Cage. What’s the difference?’ that showcased a sloth, which is native to Costa Rica and represents ‘pura vida,’ encouraging people to let things go and truly enjoy life.

The signage prompted people to take a photo and share it with the hashtag ‘#SlothSweepstakes’ for a chance to win a trip to Costa Rica.


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Via:: Costa Rican Times