Costa Rica Regional Airports Getting A Financial Injection

Costa Rica News – Local airports are to receive an injection of ¢13.6 billion colones for improvements this year.
The terminals in Quepos, Drake, and Los Chiles are the ones getting the highest budgets of all the local airports.
The other ones being invested in include Coto 47, Puerto Jiménez, Golfito and Los Chiles.
The investment comes from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and includes plans to recharge runways, make new terminals, create fences and parking platforms among much more.
This is the largest injection of resources that these aerodromes have received in a long time.
Next year, an investment of ¢7,268 million is planned for Puerto Jiménez, Palmar Sur, Upala, Guápiles, Pérez Zeledón and Barra del Tortuguero.
These local airports are being brought up to more decent levels to bring

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