Costa Rica Outlines Decarbonization Plans Through 2050

Costa Rica, already on its way to going carbon neutral by 2021, recently introduced its long-term decarbonization plans. Announced a few weeks ago, the National Decarbonization Plan organizes itself into three periods: beginning (2018-2022), inflection (2023-2030) and massive deployment (2031-2050).

The National Decarbonization Plan outlines a variety of steps it hopes to accomplish over the next 31 years. Divided by when the government hopes to achieve them, these goals include:

By 2022

Release public data on its cargo fleet’s carbon emissions and release a preliminary plan to increase its efficiency.Outline a plan to lower organic waste methane

By 2030

Finish transitioning the power grid to 100 percent renewable energyAll new buildings will be designed to use green technologiesCulture will move towards lower waste generation with businesses shifting to a circular economyIncrease the

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