Costa Rica Museum for Marine Ecosystems

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Costa Rica Entertainment – A former Coast Guard patrol boat has now been renovated to serve as a museum and educational center for the local marine ecosystems.

The patrol boat was functional for over 20 years and was decommissioned for this new use.

The interior of the boat has been refitted and decorated by the artist Carlos Hiller. Hiller is known for his marine photography. The idea was for visitors to feel they are submerged underwater to view the marine life in their environment.

Before entering the boat children are assigned a marine creature to focus their attention on and learn about natural resources. Visitors are taught the importance of the marine ecosystem and its relevance in their daily lives.

The museum is located in Golfito at the naval base it is managed by the Environmental Guard Unit.

Admission is free since it is an educational center and the boat will be used for lectures and seminars.

Photos From La Nacion

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Via:: Costa Rican Times


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