Costa Rica Government Advised Not To Send New Ambassador to Nicaragua

The socio-political crisis in Nicaragua, as well as the accusations of alleged collusion by Costa Rica, the government of Carlos Alvarado is being asked to reconsider his position about sending a new ambassador to the neighboring nation.
Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs said last Thursday she will be appointing this week a new ambassador to Nicaragua
Ambassadors, career diplomats and specialists in foreign policy agree that the current political conditions are not the most suitable to request the approval of a new ambassador to the government of President Daniel Ortega.
A few days ago, Ortega told CNN that the conspiracy to remove him from power ‘extends from Florida to Costa Rica’
The position of diplomats and experts is that, as in Venezuela, the government should maintain a

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  1. For what reason would CR (or anyone) want to put in new Diplomats to establish relations with a government on the way out & under attack? Not only is it a super waste of time & money, but one Awshit could easily wipe out all of the Attaboys. It’s only been a year or two since Putin gave Ortega all of Russia’s rusty old tanks. What are these diplomats going to do/say if those tanks come into use? The US & CR would be wise to do nothing until the dust settles.

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