Costa Rica Doctors Reconstruct Man’s Penis Using Tissue From His Forearm

By Rico


QCOSTARICA – Using tissue from an arm, Costa Rican doctors were able to reconstruct a man’s penis after losing most of his male organ in an accident.

According to the statements of the Quepos resident, who requested anonymity, this now gives him a change at leading a normal life, like urinating and having sex with his wife.

Doctors at the Hospital Mexico and Hospital San Juan de Dios said they found the solution, using tissues from the man’s left arm to reconstruct the urethra and penis.

Of course, the man won’t be able to have sex right away, but with the reconstruction of his urethra he is able to urinate standing and, over time, a penile implantwill enable him to have intercourse.

This is the first surgery of its kind in Costa Rica and one of a such few procedures around the world.

“We save the life of the man who is physically well, but had a very listless emotional health. For him it … continue reading