Costa Rica Currency Exchange Made Easy

By Rico

The exchange rate has been consistent around ¢500 to $1 for a few years.  This makes approximate conversions very easy.  Just double the number on the Costa Rican banknote to get the U.S. dollar equivalent.

QCOSTARICA  via – After nearly a decade of strict control the central bank allowed the exchange rate to bump up in early 2014 and it to around ¢555 – ¢565 to the dollar.

It’s been re-stabilized closer to ¢525 so the easy conversion described below is off by a bit but if you use it to estimate costs you’ll be pleasantly surprised to have money left over because everything is about 3-4% cheaper than the quick exchange shows (¢50,000 bill is really about $97 instead of $100).

Prices are often posted in dollars and colones making it unnecessary to do a conversion, but for the times when do need to convert it’s very easy. As long as you’re not worried about getting it exactly correct down to a fraction of a penny you can simply double the number shown on the Costa Rican currency and that’s its value in dollars.

So as shown in the image a 5 mil colones … continue reading



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